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Thursday, 7 March 2013

5. That one thing!

having both toddler and teens in my house - walau jarak berbeza - they do however have one thing in common - THE TANTRUM!!!!!
toddler - lays on the floor,kicking n screaming refused to do everthing sampai satu tahap,ibu sila buat bodoh!!!
teens - whines through their nose - saya selalu tak berape nak dengar ape yg dirungutkan,sape suruh merungut pakai idung!!!
toddler - goes rigid so you are unable to physically dukung them!!! tension wei masa nih....
teens - stomps up the stairs and continues stomping in their room,just to let u know how annoyed they are,yg nih pantang ai.....terbakar!!!!
toddler - bangs their head on nearest object - kalau kita tgh riba dia,dia bang!!! terus kena mulut kita!!! peh tu kita tampo dia!!!opps sori!!! 
teens - hits or kick or ckp melayu hempas2 barang (pantang jugak nih) n sebsequently hurts themselves,padan muka,berdosa!!!ALLAH balas kejap tu jugak!!!

toddler or teen years are challenge indeed - they bring me to the brick of my sanity - make me question and doubt everything i have ever taught them - but at the same time - there are so many and tooooo many tender sweet moments that make me burst with pride or just melt my heart - even on the most awful days - there is always something wonderful at the end!!! so hang in there nina.....

love,hugs n kisses to my heros.........muahhhh!!!

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