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Thursday, 4 July 2013

4. Lesson

buah hati saya

iam 45 years old and have learned an awful lot in all those years but my 16 - 13 and 4 yrs old have managed to teach me some of the lessons i value most in their short years - and i am thankful to them indeed....

1. laugh - even when i don't feel like it - ketawa jer - laugh like kids.
2. time is everything - money is great - fancy vacations are lovely - but non can beat my time with the kids...
3. deep breath - surrounding with boys - patient is my no one tool - terpaksa sabar walaupon semuanye annoying belaka!!!!
4. some things really doesn't matters - buang karan 24 jam nak tegas - gi la tgk tv sampai meletup - minum la coke tu sampai muntah - just let them go.

whenever you can - look at the world through the eyes of our toddler and teen - hidup akan jadi lebih mudah peh tu stress pon kurang!!!!


  1. Owh...jeles, bilalah my Iman nak berjalan ni. Nak snap bertiga gak macam ni. HEHEHHE Jeles!!