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Thursday, 5 March 2015

4. Raising Teen...

'little kids, little problems' - big kids, big problems'
i knew about it, being a parent to a teenager makes you question everything you thought you knew about raising children. it makes you wonder where you went wrong when they were little. masa tu kita rasa, elok lempang2 jer masa kecik dulu!!!  that thought dah tentu came across your mind!!! kan...kan...kan...untung la mane2 parents yg tak penah berdepan dgn prob anak2 remaja - giler untung!!! tak pening kepala!!! 

teenager are indivuduals who struggling to figure out who they are in this world. as a parents, your job is to be there ONLY when they want you to be there!!! susahkan nak buat!!! kalau susah sangat, just remember what it was like when you were a teenager!!! lebihkurang jer kan??? masa tu what we need the most was understanding drp mak and ayah kita. ( serupa rupanyer!!!) so pendekciter, they're looking for someone to understand what they're going through, this is what your teens needs from you..... and if you don't give that to them, believe me, they'll find someone who will......yg kononnye dapat memahami jiwa mereka!!!  

jom la kita buat-buat understand walaupon bukan understand sgt!!! and jom la jadi lebih understanding walaupon bukan understanding langsung!!!
to all mum, good luck with your teens coz i'am handling mine like a super n crazy woman at the same time....

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