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Thursday, 29 August 2013

8. Why????

you know when kids do gorgeous but simple things (contoh ilham suke ckp,sayang...ibu,tiapkali nak tido) and they make you smile - and then they grow up - and do other things - and you forget that original cute thing!!! you think you'll remember every little detail - but you don't!!!! and that is why i started this blog - to remember the day - the moment - the tantrum - the cuteness - the sweetness - even the sturbbornness in their life - i believed in savoring moments - after all they are the only harta i have.

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  1. Haah...betul cakap kak nina, kalau tanya saya bila Irfan start pandai panggil mummy...owh my, saya cuma dapat ingat le 18months but xsure bila. HEHEHE

    xper, kalau kite pergi dulu pon at least anak2 tahu ada blog pasal mereka yang kite tulis sendiri =)