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Thursday, 26 December 2013

12. Penyedap hati

stop define success by how many A's students get on tests and exams OR we might lose a lot of young - talented and gifted people yang true potential but can't be qualified with bunch of A's - grades don't measure a person value to the community - that's kata2 penyedap hati namanye which i normally recall - cut and paste in my brain - having two teenage boy yg sorang mcm dah tau hala tuju and the other one - yg besau plak tu - yang still tak tau and takde target for his own future!!! bila tanye nak jadi ape - terkial-kial - de!!!! so nina - please please please don't freak out your son because they are already freaking out sebenarnyer!!! don't worry about the whole thing - your son can't swallow a whole chicken!!! take it one bite at a time maaa!!! lagi kata2 penyedap hati - rasa mcm nak tulih buku kata-kata penyedap hati plak!!!! buekkk!!!

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  1. HUA, i'm scared too. Tarik napas panjang2 n dalam2. HUHUHU