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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

14. Kita mak-mak

motherhood is tengah sedap tido - bangun to change diaper - to bancuh susu!!!
motherhood is making breakfast - lunch and dinner
motherhood is money!!!
motherhood is wiping more poop than u could ever imagine in life
motherhood is hearing the word "why" hundred times a day and most of the time not having an answers!!!
motherhood is strecth marks and saggy breast plus segalanye jadi besar!!!
motherhood is finally appreciating your own mother!!! baru ko taw!!!
motherhood is doing pile of laundry sambil mulut cakap "tak paham"  "tak paham"
motherhood is using your sleeves to wipe running nose
motherhood is stepping on toys at setiap pelusok rumah
motherhood is holding your sick child in your arm wishing u are the one should sick!!!
motherhood is shouting and screaming and nobody listen!!!
motherhood is singing the sameeeee "song" over and over again
motherhood is worried every single moment
motherhood is never ending patience
motherhood is not remembering what it's like to have a pieace of mind
motherhood is lots of love hugs and kisses until the end of our life!!!
motherhood is to loved them unconditionally!!!

motherhood mcm a wave of emotions - mixed feeling of everthing!!! kejap gelak,nangis,tension and happy
despite semua yg tension2 - yg harubiru - motherhood is the best chapter in our life indeed!!!! kan kan kan?


  1. Motherhood is a wonderful, rewarding messy, noisy and sometimes crazy ride. But it is all worth it ☺☺

  2. mtherhood always a gift that gifted by Allah just for us(ladies)