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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

16. Sayang awak!!!

sebab-sebab saya sayang cik darlin saya!!! kat bawah ni some of them - kang kalau tulih semua , 4 hari tak abih2!! tulih omputih la...sebab kalau tulih melayu mcm mendayu-dayu - cintan cintun!!! tak suke!!! antara reason why i love him are...

1. he rock!!! bukan jenis leleh-leleh

2. he loves me unconditionally.....

3. he married me!!! yehaaaa

4. he thinks i'am gorgeous walaupon tengah comot!!!

5. he watched ' american next top model ' with me

6. he loves me without make-up - yesss!!!

7. he is a good cook

8. he eats the food i cook even though it is not THAT good!!!

9. he will say  ' i love you ' without fail every day and every second!!! fuyoooo!!!

10. he will go shopping with me for hours....with smile on his face

11. he knows exactly how i love

12. he will kisses me goodnight before bed even if i'am slepping like a baby

13. he is a funny person

14. he love our kids more than life

15. he is good to his family

16. he knows how important my family is to me

17. he understand and spoil me....hehehe!!!

18. he has biggest warm cuddle and coziet hugs ever!!!

19. he is not ' miang keladi '  and last but not least....

20. he look delicious and taste delicious too!!!! yummy!!!

He is MINE.....................luv u darlin!!!!!!!!!!!

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