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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

16. Eat

i know there are some people who forget to eat when they're stressed!
yeah....i am so not that person!!!! forget to eat? NEVER!!! i am that person who is crazy over heavy breakfast and day dreaming about what to have for lunch and dinner!!!!
lunch tadi was sedap giler - gulai lemak jantung pisang super pedas ngan sotong tumis sambal ngan taufu sambal ngan ikan bakar cicah asam - rugi okay kalau stress jer lupa nak makan!!!


  1. boleh genglah kite..I just loveeeee to eatttt! :)

  2. Kak...ngidam nk makan jantung pisang ni, camner??gara2 baca entry akak ni *__*

    1. kat KL banyak kedai makan,gi cepat sebelum meletup!!! or masak sendiri!!!