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Thursday, 7 February 2013

8. Moment

this morning - ilham buried his face in his ayah's belly n said - ayah gumuk la - then he wrapped his little but debab arms around ayah's neck n kissed ayah like crazy n said - adik sayang..........ayah - sayang........ayah.
it was an adorable moment - moment really warmed my heart - to witness n to see that moment of pure love - between a father n his boy.....and from ayah's face - absolutely made his day!!!!!!
adegan pagi tadi gambo tak dibenarkan coz ayah was so sexy...


  1. Hahaha...xper untuk tatapan akak sendiri je =)
    Alahai anak ayah sungguh.

  2. Manis bak gula...hehe...
    Salam kenal drpd :