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Monday, 12 May 2014

21. Interior - koeka

Koeka is a Dutch company, founded by two mothers, with a background in fashion, simply looking for basic functional products for their children. What they were looking for was not for sale, and so they started to make the products themselves. Fifteen years later they still work with great pleasure on their collection. On the website you can find several cute clips giving you an insight behind the brand, like this one on YouTube.


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  1. I nengok citarasa kak Nina pun cam sama la ngn I..elegant & vibes over rusty,pale,woods..memang masa free x jemu google website atau fb page jenis2 ni..nak recommend you like this page kat pesbook, just taip studio :)...tengok page2 ni macam theraphy kan! kan! insyaallah ade rumah sendiri sok bolehlah diy..