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Thursday, 7 August 2014

4. Busy busy busy....

cuti2 redang - kirim salam jer!!! penat berangan!!! cik darlin seems too busy for any vacation until 2020!!! huwaaa!!! nangis la kau disitu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ape nak dikata - i've got a busy husband - he has a particularly zany crazy schedule that barely follows a routine and changes by the day - nangis - nangis jugak but i understand that he is working hard to make life a smooth sail jadi i don't usually crib - put myself in his shoes (omg kasut dia sangat banyak) and analyze his point of view - mmg suck to be too busy!!! but a man has to to what a man has to do!!! dari bising2 -  lebih baik bersyukur because he is willing to do extra miles for us.....thank you let's work out ways where we can make some time for each other - gi parkson ke - gi jj ke - gi maydin ke - gi greentown ke - gi tesco ke - jadi le - daripada takde!!!!!!!!!!!! huwaaaaaa!!!!!!
                                   jom nangis...........waaaaaaa......

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