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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

3. Words

what we say n how we say it can make a big difference in how people respond to us - word can take us to places or can come back to haunt us when we least expect! we could hurt someone with the word we speak or the way we say them - words can sometimes cut a lot deeper than a knife. we used to be nice n polite with people we barely know but end-up hurting people we care about because we don't watch what we say around them. if we are too comfortable with our loved ones and nasty with our words , instead of taking them for granted , it might help if we could take a step back and think of them as someone else that we wish will like us.

entry yg tiada kena mengena dgn anak2 jugak cik abg sayang.  
saja suke2 mengingkatkan diri sendiri dlm bahasa omputih to think before talking or writing.                                                       


  1. Hahahha....habislah kak nina bertukar menjadi kak mona...ahaks....larikk i scary u :)

    Akak...awatnyer i xleh comment kak tittle psl toilet tu??sentap tau....huhuhu

  2. jgn sentap ye cik adik...cik kak ni x boleh nak pujuk!btw tq 4 informing ya..

  3. Ohlala... bravo missy! cuma i tak paham apa kaitan dgn monafendi?