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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

25. Ways to get loads of traffic to your blog...

That means, I know how to get:

8,000 to 17,000 readers per day.

    • Guest post on other peoples blogs
    • Make videos
    • Post videos on Youtube or Vimeo
    • Contact a local TV station to do a segment
    • Have a Facebook party
    • Comment on other peoples blogs
    • Google other bloggers in your niche and make some friends!
    • Use LinkedIn and the group pages
    • Create a Facebook fan page
    • Do LinkUp Parties on mommy blogs
    • Use Pinterest daily
    • Post on Twitter
    • Use hashtags on Twitter
    • Post older content on Facebook for new readers
    • Use StumbleUpon daily
    • Enter your articles into article directories
    • Use Scribd to repost articles in PDF form
    • Give away a free printable
    • Did I already say, USE PINTEREST ;)
    • Comment on a new blog everyday to expand your reach
    • Edit your article titles to be catchy
    • Use Rafflecopter for a contest
    • Learn about SEO and make edits to your site
    • Make sure your blog in listed on Google and Yahoo
    • Do webinars and teach something
    • Write “How To” articles
    • Make sure each blog post has a picture
    • Put personality into every single post!
    • Connect with your local newspaper
    • Put your blog url on your business cards
    • Add your blog url to all Youtube videos
    • Make sure your blog is mobile friendly
    • Host an online party using Twitter
    • Make sure to repeat keywords to get on Google
    • Write posts with checklists
    • Add your blog to your email signature
    • Feature other bloggers on your blog
    • Make a weekly theme like: “Foodie Fridays”
    • Write posts about positive news
    • Give out advice that works, like this post!
    • Contact a local radio station
    • Curate examples of people doing something very well
    • Inspire readers through your writing
    • Send out blog posts via email marketing

     ni sume dari Pinterest account saya yek!!!

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