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Thursday, 23 October 2014

29. When you feel lazy!

there's nothing better than :

1. waking up and realizing ilham is still sleeping!!! yessss!!!

2. a rainy day when you really need one

3. a clean house

4. relaxing by the pool coz i don't swim!!!! buekkk!!!

5. finding jeans that fits just right!!!

6. a perfect coffee with huge breakfast

7. a good friend that doesn't judge

8. listening to kids play not fight!!!! 

9. kitchen CLOSED today!!! heaven!!!!

10. a hug from someone after a bad day....

hari ni kalau dapat 5 dari 10 kat atas pon dah cukup best!!! there goes my lazy day......rasa nak baring2 - golek2 dalam bilik jer!!! btw kat umah ade 2 bakul laundry menanti!!!

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